Totally Degu bathing dust - Bathing dust for Degus, Chinchilla, hamsters, gerbil

1 x 1.75kg bag of bathing sand for your Degu / Chinchilla to keep nice and clean. Comes in plastic bags, so no sand leaking from paper bags.

Chinchilla dusting powder - 1.75Kg

Essential for Degus, chinchilla bathing dust not only keeps your degu clean but provides hours of entertainment as you watch your pets playing rolling and generally making a mess with the stuff. Degus need regular dust baths to keep their skin and coat in good condition and we recommend having a bath ready for your degus when you take them out to play daily, Alternatively place the bath in the cage for about half an hour a day. We have found that degus love a large round bath as they can all get into together and bath with great gusto. 
Bathing Dust for Degus & Chinchillas by Totally Degu is a mineral absorbent clay powder uniquely designed for the bathing of your degu or chinchilla.

Degus and Chinchillas have an extremely fine and dense coat; and cannot be bathed in water.

Bathing Dust for Degus & Chinchillas by Totally Degu will ensure your degu or chinchilla stays clean and grease free without causing any harm to your pet

One pack for £5.39. Free delivery.


100% Sepiolite clay

Your Degu will love his bath time.

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