Totally Degu Deluxe Degu pamper hamper

Go on spoil your Degus with a selection of our products to pamper your small pet.

Deluxe Degu pamper hamper by Totally Degu.

Spoil your Degus with this hamper of goodies. Everything a Degu could possibly want in one box!

Included in this hamper is the very best Degu items on the market. For just £38.69 (free p&p!) you will receive all of the items listed below:-

1 x Chewbasket
2 x Chewtubes
1 x Pumice on a string
2 x Goo night Degu bedding (1Kg each)
3 x Good Degu Rice Puffs (5g nett) 
1 x Beaphar Xtravital premium Degu food (1Kg bag)
1 x Chinchilla dusting powder (2.5kg)
3 x Totally Degu Sleepy Degu Bedding

Exclusively to Totally Degu you will not find this range of goods anywhere else in one pack. Representing great value for money you will have the most spoilt degus around.

Product details


Designed specifically with Degus in mind the ChewBasket pet bed is made from degu-safe materials, incorporates a lid to provide an added sense of security for your degus when asleep in this cosy hiding place.

Big enough for four to sleep together but not so large that the degus are swamped as in a chinchilla nest box. The lid can be tied to the top or side of the cage to provide an entrance and peeping hole for your little friends and for added convenience the box comes complete with the first two weeks bedding (we would suggest adding hay to the bottom of the basket before placing bedding on top).

Degus love to hide, sleep and snuggle in the ChewBasket and of course chew it with complete safety.

Specification of the ChewBasket


                   23 x 16 x 9cm high.

                  100% Natural Seagrass Box

                  100% Natural Jute String
                  100% Natural Vegetable Fibre Bedding
                  100% Non-Toxic
                  100% Bio-degradable
                  100% Degu Chewable
                  Easy to fix in the cage
                  Totally Degu-safe and friendly.


Designed specifically with degus in mind these tubes are hand-made from degu-safe materials and provide hours of fun for your inquisitive pets.
Sturdier than most pet tubes, they are chewable but take much longer to destroy than the typical cardboard tube subjected to the frenzied degu chew.

Your pets will love to run, hide and sleep in these tubes which can be attached to the top or side of the cage to provide a run for your degus and an extra level in the cage.

Specification of tubes.

Dimensions: 88mm diametre x 168mm long
Materials: 100% recycled cardboard
                  100% natural Jute String / Cloth
                  100% non-toxic glue
                  100% Bio Degradable
                  100% Degu Chewable
                  Easy to fix in the cage.
                  Totally Degu safe and friendly

Pumice on a string
Name says it all! Three pieces of pumice on a string - good for your Degus teeth.
3 x 2.5cm pieces of pumice
100% Jute String.

Goo night Degu bedding

Tired of the ring of sawdust around your pets cage?

Constantly hoovering and still it seems to find away to stick onto your clothes furniture and pets?

Cardboard bedding is quickly becoming popular with small pet owners it is easier to handle, change and not nearly as messy as many of the alternatives. Made to ensure the bedding is dust free this degu-safe material absorbs odours as efficiently as sawdust; is safe to eat (and you know they will!) and provides a warm comfy floor for their cage.

Totally degu Bedding is manufactured from uncontaminated cardboard. It is always cleanly packaged – in a dry, clean dust-free environment. Most of the cardboard is plain although a small amount of the board may be printed on with non-toxic water based ink. This is completely harmless to Degus (who do have a habit of eating anything they are not supposed to) and other small animals and will not run or transfer like newsprint.

Each bag of Totally Degu cardboard bedding contains 1Kg of bedding this is enough bedding for approximately 3 cage changes.

Please don't forget to add hay though as it is an essential part of your Degus diet!

Specification of the Totally degu bedding


                   1Kg per bag.

                  100% Cardboard

                  100% Non-Toxic
                  100% Bio-degradable
                  100% Degu Chewable
                  Easy to use.
                  Totally Degu-safe and friendly.

Good Degu Rice Puffs

Good Degu Rice puffs.

Especially for Degus these treats are free from sugar and will delight your pet. Ideally suited for degus these treats can be used as a training aid when teaching your pet to come to your and to recognise their names. Cheaper than most pet treats these represent great value for money and a single pack will last two degus at least 3 weeks.

Specification of the Good Degu Rice puffs


                   5g per bag. nett

                  100% Rice Puffs

                  Sugar- free
                  100% Degu Chewable

Beaphar Xtravital premium Degu food (1kg)

Especially for Degus, XtraVital Degu is a complete, premium small animal food. Made with best quality ingredients, and supplied in gas-flushed, resealable packets, for maximum freshness and palatability. Originating in Chile, a wild degu lives on tree bark, vegetation and seeds. This gives them a vegetarian, low fat diet, which XtraVital mimics. XtraVital is low in sugar, as there is a tendency for degus to be very sugar sensitive, and develop problems. XtraVital is one of very best degu specific foods available.

Compared to other leading brands on the market this degu food contains a better variety of ingredients which can be seen just by looking at it. Although beware that once you start your degus on this food they will never forgive you if you need to return to anything else!

Supplied in the larger 1Kg bag, one pack of food will last 2 degus approximately 3 weeks.


Grains in various forms, alfalfa pellets, pea flakes, soy pellets, lupin fibre, locust beans,
minerals, manan oligosaccharide, fructo oligosaccharide, echinacea tincture.

Nutritional Breakdown
Total sugars* 3.7 %
Fibre 20.1 %
Protein 14 %
Fat 3.1 %
Ash 5.5 %
Vitamin C 600 mg kg-1
Vitamin A 27000 IU kg-1
Vitamin D3 800 IU kg-1
Vitamin E 60 mg kg-1
Copper 15.5 mg kg-1
* For comparison, Total sugars Pets at home degu nuggets -4.2%, Science selective Degu - 3.9%)

Totally Degu Chinchilla dusting powder

Chincilla dusting powder - 2.5Kg

Essential for Degus, chincilla bathing dust not only keeps your degu clean but provides hours of entertainment as you watch your pets playing rolling and generally making a mess with the stuff. Degus need regular dust baths to keep their skin and coat in good condition and we recommend having a bath ready for your degus when you take them out to play daily, Alternatively place the bath in the cage for about half an hour a day. We have found that degus love a large round bath as they can all get into together and bath with great gusto. See our degu sand bath for sale in our shop for just £6.95 (plus P&P)

Bathing Dust for Degus / Chinchillas by Totally Degu is a mineral absorbent clay powder uniquely designed for the bathing of your Degu or Chinchilla.

Degus and Chinchillas have an extremely fine and dense coat; and cannot be bathed in water.

Bathing Dust for Degus / Chinchillas by Totally Degu will ensure your degu or chinchilla stays clean and grease free without causing any harm to your pet


100% Sepiolite clay

Totally Degu Sleepy Degu Bedding       

Paper and vegetable fibre soft bedding for small animals

Sleepy Degu Pet Bedding by Totally Degu is a soft small pet bedding made from 100% natural vegetable fibres  and paper to provide a snug and cozy bedding for your small pet.

Non-Toxic, this dust free bedding is biodegradable and will make the perfect bedding material for your small pet.


100% natural bio-degradable fibres

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